February 15, 2010

Winter Wonderland...


This, my friend, is the most snow that this little city has seen in over three years. It's really unbelievable, but it was lovely to see. My fifth grade kids loved seeing the snow start to fall as their Valentine's Day Party ended, and I truly loved seeing the snow STICK to the ground after I got off work and grabbed my camera. Beautiful. My favorite part about the snow? The SOUND it makes when it hits the ground. It whispers.

So, a few of these photos before dark were taken in my front yard... the rest? Oh, there is a STORY behind THAT!!! You see..............

My roommate and I had to go to Athens for an errand, and knowing that this was the ONLY day that we could go- we knew we would have to fight the snow. We left at five o'clock after work and started the GPS (I, a little worried we'd lose signal in the middle of the back roads and pastures). We passed tons of cows as I squealed with delight as my driver probably rolled her eyes :). The snow started falling like the size of cherry tomatoes instead of baby flakes, and then we saw a truck completely turned over in the ditch. My companion's assumptions were true: the roads were gross and people don't know how to stay off the roads when it snows.

We arrived to our destination in almost two hours instead of one, ran into a store where a man laughed at us, telling us: "My fiance and her girl friends all ran inside there- you guys are all CRAZY!" Ha. He is right. We ran inside (did I say this already?) and got snow and water in our high heeled shoes. Dang it. We were greeted by friendly customer service people and enjoyed them immensely. Poor souls were scared of the snow and my trusty friend gave them sound advice. She's great like that.

After finishing at our store, we visited another. This time it was fast food. Never have I ever enjoyed a place this much. I was hysterically laughing as the "stable" one tried to repeat our order over FIVE TIMES into the intercom to the poor guy. Does snow affect microphones? Doubt it. After we finally got the order right, the woman (yes, they switched people on speaker) asks us if the order is correct on the screen. NOTHING was on the screen! We pulled around the corner and braced ourselves for the worst. Hamburgers and fries? At this rate, could turn into chicken wrap and flies!! Crazy, I tell you.

Miraculously, our order ended up correct. Although, I was shushed several times so that my friend would also not die laughing at the window when paying. HA, if only :)

On the way back we ended up stopping a million places in the middle of the road. My talented driver and companion took many of these night pictures, and she did a fabulous job. Thank you, Krista! The way the light caught the snow on the trees? Pure beauty.

Happy Snow Day, all!

And next time when out in the snow, wear socks or sneakers instead of high heels. Dumb. :)

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