February 9, 2010

Woodland Fairy Princess....

If there were ever an Academy Award Winner for the person who had the "MOST INCREDIBLE BEST FRIENDS IN THE WORLD" I would most certainly be nominated.

My best friends do the most RANDOM photo shoots for me. One of my beloved friends, who has helped and inspired me to go with this "dream" most of all, decided to be a model last weekend. Boy, was she in for a surprise! Now her pictures are posted all over the internet.... I should take her out to lunch, perhaps :)

Hope you enjoy these pictures..... her husband kept telling everyone as they saw my Jeep in the middle of the woods, "Oh, don't worry- it's just a bunch of woodland fairy princesses....." It made me smile.

Happy Tuesday, internet!

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Bethany said...

What a fun day and how beautiful the pictures turned! I continue to see a LOT of improvement. :)

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