March 30, 2010

Real Life Antiques.

You would not believe what an ADORABLE photo shoot I got to do a week ago. Seriously... I think I had more fun with this photo shoot than the others so far!!

Below you will find an amazing idea this couple came up with for their Save-the-Date-Cards for the upcoming September wedding. This has to be the CUTEST idea I've ever seen.... They dressed up as old people and laughed the entire time. They were a joy, and I hope they enjoyed this experience as much as I did. It was perfect...

Krista is my beloved roommate and best friend, and her great fiance Luke did a fabulous-beyond-words-job at being an old man. Congratulations to you both, and you have to be the most PRECIOUS old-new couple in the entire world.

Blessings to you both as you grow old together :)  





Elise said...

so good!!! I love looking at these! Can't wait to see you guys get old together! :)

Laura Hamilton Photography said...

This is probably the best thing I have ever seen! You guys are amazing! Props for some super creativity! :)

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