March 15, 2010


I love people. They are SO interesting...

Some like tomatoes or modern art. Some like sticky preschool children, where some only like people on Facebook. Some like grey beards and some like gas stations that have talkative attendants....

Some even like Taco Bell. Oh yes.......

My first visit to Taco Bell in my town was not a pleasant one. Being a freshman of young intelligence brought me to Move-In Day at TFC. After all of the unpacking, the moving, the smiling, the sweat in the Georgia MISERABLE heat soon brought us to "starvation" that day. We were desperate.

My mother made me swear on her GRAVE that I would never. ever. EVER. eat at that Taco Bell again.


The man who gave us the food had no teeth, and where they once had inhabited his mouth there lived green, fuzzy mold. Of sorts. She, being such a city girl as she was, begged me to not eat there again..........

Maybe I should have listened to my mother on this one, but I like living on the edge!!! I love Taco Bell. I had it for dinner tonight and enjoyed every second of it.

At least at Taco Bell, the servers don't hit on you or comment about loving the flower vase in your car (the server was male)... or touch your hand as they give you back your credit card. Ew....... as another place *shall remain nameless* does quite often.

So, next time you go to Taco Bell and want to talk like the litttle mascot dog..... think about your mom.


And remember: It's fun living on the edge, until you get food poisoning.....


Below are a few pictures that I LIKE and found today online from a fellow photographer. Check out for more amazing photos like these.

I love these because they see life like I've been seeing it lately.


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