March 18, 2010

This is why I teach.

Upon entry into school this morning, I had to pause before the double doors because two little girls were exchanging kisses with their father. They smiled, kissed, hugged, and said goodbyes. The father left and the girls walked into the school together. I'm behind them, of course, and thought nothing of their interactions with their parent...

However, the girls notice me immediately after and begin to SPILL. It started out sweetly where they say,

"Our dad came home. We're glad to have him back."
"Aww, good!" *I'm thinking... please don't be offended that I can't remember your names*
"Yeah, our mom is having her baby. So he is home."
"Good! That's fun." *thinking- I have to pick up my class, check in, I'm almost late...*
"Yeah. She had a HUGE contraction last night. She is getting a bit *ahem* CRANKY these days."
*giggle inside* "Oh really?"
"Oh yes. You know, that baby is just going to pop on out soon." *she forms a circle with her hands*

And the conversation keeps going.... these two little girls around the age of six start talking and talking and TALKING so much that I feel like they are two elderly women!!!! You know, the ones that catch you in the store when you're on a deadline- and they want to show you the wallet-sized pictures of every grandchild they have??!!

YES. These were those girls. I probably started to externally panic because I couldn't get out. They kept talking about their mom being cranky and daddy having to take care of them. How the baby is coming soon, and it was a boy. I really felt like it was information OVERLOAD for no reason at all..... except that I kept laughing inside. The only way I got them to stop was by saying:

"Okay, well that is great.... and please do tell me when the baby comes!"
*they both get REALLY excited* "Oh, but it will be SOON!"

And then, just like two purple and red hat-society women... they try to start talking again... but this time I have to yell, "BYE!" to end it.

Oh. My. Word.

I didn't know that six-year-olds could turn into gossip twins! It was so entertaining. I loved it. I was afraid, though, that they would spill all of their new-found knowledge of births, babies, and other explicit things to me in the hallway when parents, co-workers, and children were around!!! Oh, my. Oh, my. Oh, my.

Here's a link to a new children's photographer that I found and pretty much adore. Enjoy!

Footprints Photography

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Bethany said...

This is adorable. I loved it.

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