April 5, 2010


Today marks another year older. And, eventhough I feel very awkward in doing a hippie photoshoot of myself (in honor of Elise) for my birthday,.
I thought it'd be quirky fun :)

I love my birthday. It's an easy date to remember, and twenty-odd years ago it snowed the day I was born. In April... it snowed. So, I'm convinced that I'll die on my birthday when it snows again. Is that morbid? I don't think so. I think it's my trademark :)

There are a million different memories of birthdays in my head tonight.

You know...
* the five-year-old birhday when you had your first boyfriend and he was the only boy out of all your girlfriends to come and eat your giant bunny cake
*the year your grandmother made a Barbie cake from scratch and you loved it more than store-bought ones
*the year you turn thirteen and have a huge slumber party with new-found friends
*the year you turn sweet sixteen and your best friends throw you your first surprise party of the decade
*the year you wake up to a big breakfast and presents in the morning with college friends
*and every year- your family is faithful in celebrating the joys of your birth and the glory of your life today....

And this birthday? I was taken to an art museum, slept in a hotel, had a fancy dinner on the town, went out for Easter lunch, adventured on a clue-Easter-egg-present-hunt, and at the end of the day enjoyed Chinese and favorite shows in my own home. All of these? With WONDERFUL company. I'm so blessed.

I also got to share this birthday with a celebration of what Christ has done in my life... and for us all. It was an excellent reminder, and something that I indeed needed to hear again.

He IS faithful. He IS risen. And, He is actively working today in our lives. I'm thankful for this.

Thank you to all who made this birthday so very special by sacrificing time, money, phone calls, text messages, emails, and just- everything! You are all so very dear to me. Thank You!! I love you all.

The year of 23 will be a new one! New joys, new goals, new trials. This year I know I will learn to trust God more than I did last year, and this year I will learn to love life more than I did last year too. This year I will take more risks than I did last year, and this year I will discover more than I did last year as well. I love that every year you grow more than the day before. Tonight I'm making a list of what this next year will bring.

*Become president?
*Solve world hunger?

Who knows!!! Adventures lies ahead, my friends. And, what better way to start another year on a beautiful day like this?

Happy Easter :)


Elise said...

LOVE the hippie shoot! you look so beautiful! I am so thankful for you and for God blessing me with a friend like you! :) I love you dearly and I am so thankful to have you close to my heart :)

Bethany said...

Oh, that cupcake/cake picture. I'm starving now. How yummy. Loved your birthday memories!

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