April 10, 2010

Green and Yellow.

Last weekend I was shopping with my girlfriends in Ross. I found a dress that was the color of sunshine yellow, and it reminded me of a story involving my mother and her strong distaste for the color.

I was talking to my best friends down the aisle from me, as we were weeding through the clothes racks, about my mother who hates the color yellow so much that it makes her want to:

"Vomit." As she would say.

At that moment, another shopper beside me hears part of my story. She thinks that the person who wants to "vomit" at the color yellow is indeed myself INSTEAD of my mother!!! The kind shopper looks at me and says, "But, my car is yellow..." I look at her in surprise.

"And, my SHIRT is yellow!!!"

*I silently gasp*

I realize what's happening. Dear me. I smile and try to cover up my grand "mistake" of insulting her. I tell the yellow lady that it was my mother the whole time who had this opinion, and I feel quite the contrary! "I love yellow! You see?! I have on yellow SHOES!"

This makes the woman smile. She believes me. I hope.

Disaster no longer!


In honor of my mother's favorite color and the sweet fellow-shopper, I have dedicated this post to two of my favorite colors: green and orange. Oh, and my dog Abby... and dandelions- because I feel like I am one sometimes :)

Happy Saturday!

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Jeanne said...

I just HAVE to comment on these... and probably will on the phone too... But seriously Audrey! These are so good! My favorite is the one of the dandelion that's shown at the top of your blog. Wow. You're. Amazing. I love it! : )

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