May 17, 2010

She's Got Style.

When she moved into my double wide trailer four years ago, I knew I wanted to be her friend.

Now- don't get me wrong... my first impression of K was that she had everything together and my shaking-in-my-high-heels feeling of a 1st time RA was very scared!!! She had STYLE, a great laugh, amazing decorating skills, and an awesome personality. Great combination, right? Yep. God knew what He was doing, and we became best friends. She has been the only person I've ever seen love on people with food and movies... it's her trademark, I think- as well as:


This girl can decorate. It's my favorite activity with her, actually (right up there with thrift store shopping and redoing furniture). She and I have joined forces on many occasions to S.P.I.C.E. up life with a flare of beautiful-rustic-classic-country-SOMETHING and made it more glamorous than before. A glimpse of what these events look like??!!

As we were carrying rolled up area rugs: "I feel like we are sisters walking through the AFRICAN FORREST!!"

Or, "Audrey! Guess what I just found by the dumpster?!! An awesome DOOR!! Let's make it into something." (I saw it an hour earlier and was waiting for her call)

"Let's buy this couch! It's only twenty dollars and we can recover it with SHEETS!!!" And we did.

There's SOOO much more. TOO MANY to mention! She's made every project fun...

That first day she moved in? A boy was with her. I knew it back then: she liked this boy. She still does and is marrying him in September! As she is brainstorming ways to decorate her new home, she is figuring out what her true sense of STYLE is....

K mentions a lot of these adventuresome findings in her BLOG. **Her most recent post on wallpaper is to DIE for!**

Two other blogs that remind me of her style recently are:

Aubrey and Lindsay

Check these three great blogs out, and I promise you won't be let down.... :)

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