May 7, 2010

Website Highlight.

Good morning, all!

Wow. What a busy life lately!!! I haven't found things to take pictures of lately (I wanted to take far away pictures of the ADORABLE kittens in my backyard, but the camera wouldn't work), and also haven't had my computer working at home :(

Sooo I will update from the good 'ole internet.

I found this website and it sparked my interest. Wedding photography in NEW YORK. This is one of my top favorite places, ever. I plan to move there when I'm old and eighty-five... seeking adventure in the Manhattan. Oddly enough, my sisters are in NYC right now on a school trip!!

This photographer has a great style. The pictures are beautiful, the backdrops lovely, and... my favorite? The lighting and the school bus. Ha. You'll see.

Hope you enjoy as I did... and, hope you have a blessed weekend!!!!

NYC Wedding Photography Blog

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