November 19, 2010


This day was probably perfect. I woke up to a four-year-old who was all smiles and cuddles. We signed words and numbers, and whispered things too loudly. FUN. We played for hours in our PJs and ate fall cupcakes for breakfast. Bliss. I met a best friends for lunch, and we chatted of life over soup and sandwiches.... celebrating what is both hard and good in life- and where we've come from. After driving home, I took pictures of fabulous team of Admissions Staff for their annual Christmas card! I couldn't help but feed off their energy!! I went to work, had a wonderful talk on the phone, and here I am now.... 

Still at work... My roommate is having a good-bye party and I'd rather celebrate her new life with her! Oh, well. As for me? I'll listen to Christmas music for the first official time this season, and smile over the memories to be made in the next week.

I promise I have photoshoots waiting to be unfolded. They include:

Bridal Shower
Baby Rowen
Fall Friend
Little Cowboy

And some others I can't remember.......... It's been a great photography season!! :) As for tonight, since I don't have my computer, I will let you check out someone else's blog. They are sporting an adorable CHRISTMAS ACORN TREE!!!!!!!!

Check it out here: Aubrey and Lindsay Blog

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