December 19, 2010


I'm kind of last minute sometimes. Okay, maybe a lot.... But you see, I like it that way! I'd rather be in a rush because I compete with the world to make it somewhere on time- and I enjoy the challenge. When I'm early, I'm simply bored.

That's the way it's been with Christmas shopping this year. 

Generally I've had a huge idea for weeks for my loved ones, and I get a lot of gifts at one time, like on Black Friday. I didn't this year. 

Creativity kicked me to the CURB.

So here we are: about a week before Christmas and I'm not done yet with my shopping. Lord, help me.... I'm beginning to think that perhaps cyber shopping is the thing to do this YEAR!!!!!!!!! Or knitting everyone hats in five days flat. :)

But, I have to say, all these parties lately haven't allowed time for shopping and thinking of gifts. Who could pass up parties like:

* A party at my house where I urethane my kitchen table three hours before
* A small group party where the topic of conversation for the evening was "bears attack" and "attempting the impossible with an outdated christmas trivia game from the 1980s"
* A woman's gathering where we exchange old costume jewelry pins and tell made-up stories about them
* A work party where you eat amazing lasagna and admire God's cool ability to bring together women from different ages and walks of life, to celebrate Christmas
* A party of gingerbread houses... where children who've never assembled one get to do so with joy and sugar highs...  and dirty fingers..
* A night of cheap pizza buffets and conversation about nothing important.. and snow to top it off!
* A tacky sweater contest... where I've never before seen this sort of dedication for a prize of a three-foot-tall-lawn-glowing Mickey Mouse figurine
* A dinner for random people from one company... where you bring hummus and prepare to laugh
* A Christmas play where they sing off-key and wave their arms in love to Jesus.. and their teachers pray that the words to the choruses stay in their hearts forever.

Oh what a joy this season is. Next? Family for nearly two weeks....... I'm thrilled. And excited about wrapping gifts with big bows :)

Merry Christmas, friends.

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