January 26, 2010

White and Black

It's been awhile since I've posted... please accept my apologies!! Life has been busy... and not? Who knows... anyway, right now I'm listening to an interview of my personal favorite photographer Jasmine Star. She is simply inspiring... logging on to her blog every day is like talking to a good friend, familiar and safe? She is electronically vulnerable. I need to work on that! Funny. I'm learning a lot from her and her faithful blogs. Enjoy her fabulousness :)

On another note... I found these adorable teacups at a Salvation Army the other day. Twenty-five cents each! WOW!!! Don't you LOVE cheap finds that are so nice and cute?!?! Well, I do. Yard-saling is my favorite Saturday event possible, and I need to do more of it.

In trying to find something else to take pictures of, I found these cups. So... I decided to take a few pictures simply because they are adorable.

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