February 22, 2010


I love BARNS.

I love BUSES.

Why? I have no idea.

I also love cows, but that does not belong in this post because it would go against the alliteration theme I have going on here, and I don't wish to mess up the "flow of things" in today's hectic world. HA.

Tonight I sit in a coffee shop in the littliest town I've ever lived in. I'm thankful. For where I am, what I have, and where I am going. I'm also thankful for where I have been and what I have worked for to get to where I am today. The people who have influenced me and help mold me into who I am. I'm blessed by those. I had a mellow day at work and life in general, and tonight it has been good to just sit- think- vent- write- and look at things that I love: photography. The beauty in its moments can heal. Weird, but cool. I think that's why God made things beautiful. They resemble Him, in a very SMALL but significant way.

Well, here's to the thoughtful, side of a mellow Monday. Wishing you a great week, and hope you enjoy some random barns and buses this evening :)

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