February 25, 2010

Nail Polish and Swishy Dresses...

I've been teaching in a pre-kindergarten class this week. Quite entertaining. I mean, everyting from one child not making it to the bathroom,  so she used it on herself, the chair, and the carpet. When one child asks to go to the bathroom, EVERYONE wants to go to the bathroom. They all want hugs, love, and affirmation. They say the WEIRDEST, most honest things. I love honest people. That's why I love children. No guessing... it's out there in the open.

"Why did you hit her, Tommy?"
"She was in my way, and I wanted to get by."
*Well, who can argue with that??*

However, some of the best things are working WITH people too. In my "dream job" I want someone to work closely with. My co-worker today told the kids (in a lesson about not picking their noses) that they need not to "explore that area with their fingers all the time."

I wanted to laugh.

She kept a straight face. She's good at her job.

Well, all of that is COMPLETELY off topic!!!!! On to the blog....

I went to a wedding last weekend... or, was IN a wedding last weekend. I didn't get to take a lot of pictures at all, but snapped a few for you to see. My favorites? The small details.

There was the CUTEST little flower girl. She loved it when anyone would take her picture, and just smiled ear-to-ear. Adorable :) I loved her spinning in one that you will see.

My favorite picture of all of these, I must admit, is the last! It was a "fail" in every sense, but it would've been so cute! My best friends and I were trying to take a picture with the mirror- this is the first try :) HA! We are soooo goofy, and I love it.

Happy Thursday, all :)

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