March 1, 2010

Downtown Walk!

Took a little stroll down the streets of Downtown Toccoa with a few friends last Friday.... We enjoyed the dark alleys and the nice bookstore!

*and the cold*

Thanks for letting me "shoot" you guys :) I super appreciate it. Can't you see the modeling talent just ooozing off of them?



Elise said...

Zor basha! :) (that means very good!) These are so good and some really funny ones too. I love the one of Cocoa and Lukipookies shoes! so cute!! and really fun with the guys in the book shelf. You are getting better my friend!

Bethany said...

You DO just keep getting BETTER AND BETTER.
I LOVE the one of Krista and Luke - when Luke is looking at her. He is oooozing with adoration.

Audrey DeShields Photography said...

You guys are so sweet!! Thanks for the encouragement :) You're both GREAT...

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