February 25, 2010

Mr. Rogers

I'm sitting in a local, quaint coffee shop. An old Model-T car passed by (I'm reminded of my fifth graders), a little boy is chattering behind me, and mellow music plays as HGTV is on the television in the corner. Life? Amusing.

One of my fabulous friends gave me an idea. I'm convinced that without help, no circus can get on the road! Anyway... that's another story.... She said, I should photograph in themes. I'm doing just that.

This blog is dedicated to "all in the hood" haha. Okay, or like Mr. Rogers would probably say "a beautiful neighborhood" of sorts. I drove home and took a tour of the neighborhood. It was a lovely tour.. with the window rolled down as a felt like a weird-obsessed with taking pictures out my window person! I got some looks. Almost hit a cat. Afraid of someone calling the police on me with the story of:

"There is this weird woman in front of my house. She has a camera and is taking pictures of these kids on their bikes....... Her license plate number is...."

Yeah, I was paranoid in that moment. Is this illegal? Doubt it.

Please don't think I'm a stalker!!! :)

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Bethany said...

I love the first picture of the swing. Man oh man, I love that one.

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