April 30, 2010

Key Holes and Blooms

This week has been interesting. It started off very differently with two job interviews and big news, and now ends with me spending time outside and re-doing furniture. Emotionally I was facing many things at the beginning of the week, but now those things don't seem as serious as they were.

Perhaps it's my current music choice. Matt Wertz's "Sweetness is Starlight" and time in the sun... but I think most of it is God settling His promises in my heart. He's taking care of me, and will help me jump off any bridge he asks me to. It's good.

In this phase of change, I love things that bring about fun, enjoyable changes.... such as, these cute little flowers! And, a random key hole.

Sometimes I find key holes creepy cause you don't want to stick your finger in them (something might bite it?!)... but they're still cute. See? :)

Summer is coming! Can you feel it??!!

Happy Friday. :)

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