June 6, 2010

Ten Things

I haven't been blogging. If you haven't noticed..... Life has been OH.SO.BUSY.
Would you like to know about it?

1. My parents bought a house, and have had to pack up their own house in one week. I helped all weekend.
2. My sisters graduated from high school, and we threw a party.
3. I started a babysitting job, and taught four girls how to sew by hand.
4. I started a second job, and worked ten hours my official first day.
5. I had three nights of fabulous girl time with three best friends: Krista, Jeanne, and Bethany. *happy sigh- best parts of the week*
6. I found and bought two new pairs of jeans. Oh yeah.
7. I managed to spend time with my kittens late one night, watch Cake Boss and Glee, and do the laundry.
8. Cleaned our home so my roommate could relax on her arrival home, and drove back to South Carolina.
9. Drove all night to the coast, and now? I'm at the BEACH....

And something about number 10 of the list of the things I've been doing actually results in why I'm blogging today:

10. I've been dreaming. And yardsale shopping. AND blog stalking tonight.

I have two ideas that have been overwhelming my senses lately. Two ideas are of COLORS.... I'm sooo in a toss-up... still........ why? I have trouble finding my sense-of-style.

Blue? Yellow? Black? Grey? Red?

Brown? Green? Red? Orange?

YIKES. How is a woman to KNOW??!!!

There are a few pictures that have been inspiring me today. Who knew there were people out there who love color like I do? Ha! Take a peek from Shoebox Decor's Blogspot Site.......

Pretty, right??? Oh yeah.

This is why I'm having trouble trying to decide on ONE.. just ONE design for my bedroom. In the meantime? It's so much fun dreaming. :)

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