August 21, 2010

Count Down

It's a big transition time lately! It's the MONTH of transition for so many I know.... Weird..... But lately, I've been relfective. In the stressful moments of moving, I've also been able to smile about some things :)

Two weeks from today will be my best friend's wedding. OH MY GOSH. Yes :) I wanted to blog a little ditty to her in light of what she's meant to me...

This was our last photo shoot we did together (I think we may be due for a new one, but the memories are wonderful). It was still cold outside!!!!!!!! But, look at the smiles :)

Thank you, Krista.... for being such a great partner in crime! Oh, the adventures we've had.. the things we've found on the side of the road... and the many pizzas we've eaten... and of course, the many things we've managed to fit into a bug... My favorite? Our conversations. You're such a treasure to me- and I'm thankful for how you've stuck by me in the ups and downs :)

This year concludes THREE YEARS of living as housemates, and two as roommates. What fun we've had :) We've shared our first apartment together (so adorable, I might add) and it was fun. Like, the time you got stuck in the bathroom for thirty minutes.... at twelve in the morning......... :)

And two weeks from today, I will get to stand beside you *as maid of honor ahhhhhhh!!* and rejoice in what God's doing in your life... and how He's grown you. We've dreamed of this for a long time. What a beautiful day it will be!

Happy almost wedding day, Krista!!!!!!!! May your day relfect the blessings the Lord has given you, and many great wishes to you and Mr. Fritz :)
I love you both.

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