September 23, 2010

JUST A FEW THINGS..............

.......... have gotten in the way of blogging lately................ I know, I know. How could I? No excuse, really......... but........ here's a few updates on my life right now!

These three pictures describe it pretty well:

I MOVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!
With the help of some wonderful people, rain on my mattress, and the construction crew in front of my house :)

And I gained a brother! They had a rockin sweet wedding in Meadville, Pennsylvania :)



So...... in the past four weeks I have been keeping busy with these events! I'm thrilled about teaching and this starts Monday. I've also been subbing full-time at the middle school and had the time of my life. I continually realize that:

I need caffeine in the morning.
I like small groups.
I have zero tolerance for bad attitudes.
Teenagers with knives scare me.
Sixth graders compared to eight graders are babies.
My favorite thing to teach is creative writing.
Seeing growth in my special ed students? Makes me want to cry.
I'm not a normal teacher.

It's been quite fun :) I have a class I'm teaching part-time starting Monday........ 18 new ones!!!!!!!!! It's gonna be a blast. I'm truly blessed.

LIFE right now? Booyah.

Let the adventures begin :)

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