October 5, 2010

First Days of School.

Yep. I can say it now:

I'M A TEACHER!!!!!!!!! Yes... I've been teaching since graduation... but now I have my own class :)

Stresses last week were very evident and my schedule with the kids changed daily. I had a few get in very LARGE trouble, and yet- we all made it together until the very last day. And, they got a silly band ring as a prize!

My favorite part about teaching children is getting them to think creatively. Creative writing is my favorite thing to teach... I scared a sixth grader last week after I suggested that they could write about ghosts in their closet!! By accident, of course.

My favorite part of last week was when we were practicing spelling words. I had a beach ball and we were throwing it around and spelling out each word. I had a blast and they were jumping up and screaming out words like "Arkansas" and "Kentucky".... Oh joy upon joy.. It was fun :) Moments like those keep you going when you're about to pull your hair out during a full moon week.

I'm learning. I feel like I'm always learning....... I feel blessed to have learned from so many teachers this year, and feel more prepared as I step into this classroom. However, your prayers of wisdom are needed. Thank you all for praying for me to get this job- and hope you don't mind- you'll be hearing a lot about it too :)

Check it out! It's a teacher blog: Elementary Teacher Blog

Happy first week of October, everyone!

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