October 3, 2010


How can it be that the day your best friend gets married it becomes one of the happiest days of your own life? The answer, I have no idea..... but it was:


The following love story is one that's dear to my own heart. I was lucky to have been there from parts of the beginning and through the "now" as well. Krista and Luke had an awesome friendship for several years that led into two years of dating and engagement- and now a rockin marriage....

On September 4th, 2010 Krista Nichole Taylor became Mrs. Krista Nichole Fritz!! Luke now has his own wifey, and a home of their own. They were married in the bride's hometown of Meadville, Pennsylvania. They were so very happy, and it was amazing to see them on that day and where they had come from... and how they've grown together. The ceremony was sweet and intimiate, and the dessert reception was beautiful and fun-filled. I've never seen a family work so hard and have so much fun together, and the whole experience was simply a celebration and a party- of them and the people closest to them.

I was so thankful to be there. :)

Because I have a million pictures of this event, I only chose the most important ones to document today. I was more focused on capturing "the moment" that day instead of quality.... but I hope that you can get a taste of the occasion :)  

As you celebrate your one month anniversary tomorrow, may you glory in the days you've had and dream about the days to come.

Congratulations, Luke and Krista!

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