February 20, 2011


I wish there wasn't a thing such as a copyright law for this post. I wish I could post pictures of my beautiful children, but I can't. :(

Instead, I will write about them.

I love them. Someone asked me recently if they had stolen my heart yet... um yes. Each one is so different, and I love that.

Recently, we have done quite a few very fun things:

The next month or two we're going to do quite a bit more. I'm very excited--- community service projects, science experiements, movie and popcorn night, jeopardy games, and most of all.... hopefully see large improvements in skills and grades.

Less than 50 days until the big test. This week, I was overwhelmed but now I'm refocused. I'm thankful for that- God did that in a split second. I realized why I am there, and that no roadblock is gonna keep us from getting to the finish line. EVEN if it's been a bad week! Fewf.

Thanks, God... for the pep talk :)

Here's to kids that I love. Kids that have huge problems of their own that I can't fix.. Kids that need truth in their lives to set them free, and motivate them past where they are today.

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