January 18, 2010


Funny how days off can be! I teach as a profession, so today I had a holiday and spent the ENTIRE day-light hours cleaning out a very crowded garage. Would you like to know my hypothesis of the whole situation?


What better thing could you do on a day off? Cleaning with a friend, running away from the spider crickets that would LAUNCH in your direction when they saw you breathing. Fierce little heathens, they are. I despise them.... but, I'm sure they do the same to me. Besides the little creatures, my friend and I conquered the entire building. We dug out old things, discovered interesting items, and felt like we organized and conquered the entire world. What a feeling. Glorious.

Want to know what else? The weather was perfect. A sunny sixty degrees all day!!! Who would have thought?? It has rained the last two days.... so today's break in the clouds was lovely. The only thing this day could have had to make it more perfect than it already was would be a scarf. I took a picture of some of my favorites that are politely taking residence by my front door. Hope you all had a great Monday..... :)

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