January 16, 2010

Things I Love...

There are a few things that I truly, truly love.

One? Fridays. Getting off work and enjoying the feeling of one week completely accomplished and marked off the list. Pride at what you did right, new-found humility in what you did wrong, and a whole list of things you just learned. Who knew so much could happen in seven full days, but every Friday I see that.

Two? Broken Bridges. It is my most favorite place in the enire world. It is a place where one bridge connected two states, but was broken somehow in the middle. Now, all transportation goes through another bridge, and this one is left to show. Peaceful, old, rustic. So many adjectives could not do this place justice.

Three? Afternoon outtings with someone I love. What better way to spend an afternoon? Taking pictures, laughing at events or random things, good music, driving in the car, and sweet company and companionship.

I loved doing this......... great Friday afternoon :)

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