June 24, 2010

Evening Guests

About two months ago Krista and I found a litter of kittens behind our apartment. Boy were we THRILLED!!! Kittens of our very OWN?

Well, being the sneaky stalkers that we are (pure excitement, of course!) we peeked at them daily... and every time the mother had moved them. We didn't touch them or get too close!!!!! But, perhaps they could smell my desperate DESIRE to hold on..... To our dismay, a few days later Krista found a kitten dead on our patio. I was at work, and was not aware of the tragedy. My heart mourned a few days... but about a month later we found three PRECIOUS kittens at yardsale!!!!! FREEEE!!!! Several of my students were selling them, and when they found out we were taking them home they were SO THRILLED.

That was a fun day. :)

We had forgotten about the other kittens, because we had assumed they were all dead. Today I found out that I was very WRONG!!!!!!!!

Look at the sweethearts who graced me with their presence tonight.

Charming, aren't they?

Happy Summer, world!

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