June 28, 2010

I called her Annie.

Not the red-headed, tiny singing, cutie pie girl who stole the hearts of Americans so long ago. No.... I'm talking about my grandmother. I was the first grandchild, and I couldn't quite say "granny" when I was young- so I made up something new. It stuck... and there was her name.

One of the most influential people in my life was my grandmother. I truly have no idea why, but she was. My memories of her are sincerely precious, and I adored everything about her.... I have more childhood memories with her than anything else, oddly enough!!! I like that. There are days that I crave for just one more conversation with her. Funny that, as time goes on you remember more things and SMILE :)

I mean, Grandmothers are great for cooking and teaching you how to bake things like CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES and fudge. 

Or, having a different purse in her closet for any outfit imaginable (I really took this fabulous life-skill to heart).

And, enjoying screened porches and watermelon....

But one thing that I have a love/hate relationship about with my grandmother is her love for cards. When she passed away, she had an entire drawer in her dresser full of every card she had ever received from her friends and family. She treasured it. To my dismay, I am the same way. I constantly have to FORCE myself to throw away a hand-written card....... It's always a power struggle-- keep the cards that mean so much to me (it's terrible that my major love language is words of encouragement) or keep collecting them until I create a forrest equivalent of paper in my home???!!!! 

Choices, choices. 

Thinking about cards, pictures, and posters recently have led me to like this post by Belle Maison. She had some cute ideas on displaying the things you're a little bit attached to, and ones that are sooooo cute!!! 

Aren't they adorable?

Happy Monday, Friends.

Only a Grandma.


Jeanne said...

I really like this, Audrey! You know I have the same problem... Always have a hard time throwing those notes away and I love these ideas! I guess your cards have to be kinda cute or pretty to display them, though, huh?

Your grandma must have been a really cool person.
Thanks for sharing. : )

Bethany said...

Don't worry. I'm the EXACT same way. I love reading through all the notes I've gotten. They really warm my heart.

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